đŸ”ĨFree traffic

Our main goals are to attract users to the site and encourage them to take action, such as connecting a wallet and confirming token transactions.

First Method: Social Media and Messenger Promotion

This method can be both effective and profitable, but it does require a small investment to purchase accounts for promotion. With the right target audience, even a small mailing can generate significant profits. However, it is important to accurately parse your target audience. There are various sources available for distributing links, including popular social networks and messaging platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, or Discord.

To attract traffic without spending money, search for popular crypto projects and NFT collections. Join their Telegram chats and Discord channels and monitor the communication for newbies with questions about buying tokens or experienced users looking to sell their NFTs. Initiate personal communication with interested parties and use various methods to draw their attention to our site. Remember that you can pose as a regular user or pretend to be an administrator or project representative.

Use these methods responsibly and ethically, abiding by community guidelines to create a long-term relationship with your target audience and promote your crypto site with efficiency and professionalism.

Second Method: Audience Engagement via YouTube

One proven way to attract traffic is by creating and posting videos on YouTube. If you have basic editing skills, you can easily create a short overview of one of our crypto sites, telling viewers how they can get free tokens or NFTs by simply logging in to our site. This video format can be very appealing and informative to your audience.

In addition, various forums offer SEO boosting services for videos. This is a relatively inexpensive option that positively affects the number of views of your video. More live views will attract the attention of new viewers and help your crypto site gain popularity.

It is important to remember that success on YouTube depends on the quality of your content. Try to create unique and interesting videos that will be useful to your audience and get them interested in the topic of cryptocurrencies, tokens or NFT.

Optimizing your video for search engines also plays an important role. Use keywords and informative descriptions related to your topic to attract your target audience and improve your video's position in search results.

By launching your YouTube campaign with confidence and professionalism, you can significantly increase traffic to your crypto website and strengthen your position in the community.

Third Method: Engaging Your Audience Through TikTok

One effective method of promotion is to create and post videos on TikTok, relying on trends to hit recommendations. It is noticeable that the TikTok audience is becoming more mature and has a greater ability to pay every year. You can record a short review of our crypto site, then upload it to TikTok and repeat this with different accounts. It is important to include a link to our site in your profile to draw attention to it.

You can also use services to buy views, likes, comments and other activity on exchanges such as SeoSprint. This is inexpensive, but can have a noticeable impact on the perception of your video and increase its popularity.

Fourth Way: E-mail Marketing

Even though it seems like email spamming has lost its effectiveness, it really hasn't. Emailing is still one of the most relevant methods of attracting traffic. The key point here is the quality of the collected address base. How and where you collect addresses is up to you and your preferences. You can use forums or YouTube, where many channels have contact information in their descriptions. For example, you can pay attention to popular videos about cryptocurrencies with many comments and manually collect addresses, or develop a program for parsing, if you know programming. It is also worth studying information about successful methods of attracting traffic through e-mail on the Internet - there you can find a lot of useful tips. The main secret is to be creative and resourceful when approaching this tool.

Fifth method: Attracting traffic through SEO

Increase traffic to your website, channel in Discord or Facebook group with the help of SEO. In order for your site to be successfully indexed, it is important to provide it with high-quality and unique content, as well as pay attention to good behavioral factors for search robots. If you have creative skills, this method will be a great way to attract a new target audience. You can learn more about this topic from open sources.

Sixth Method: Pinterest

Pinterest platform allows you to create collections of images and actively promotes links. The target audience is mainly foreign, which can not but please, because as practice shows in the CIS fat wallets are much rarer. Similarly as with the previous methods, the Internet is full of information on this source.

Seventh way: Blogs

The source is similar to your own website, with the caveat that you don't need to pay for a domain and hosting. It is enough to register on any platform, write interesting articles, insert SEO keywords in them and promote them;

Articles can be indexed by search engines, also some platforms actively promote rated active authors, recommending their content to their readers. Examples of free sites for blogs: Pulse Mail, Live Journal, Blogger.

Eighth Way: Forums, Q&A services

It is important to choose a "live" crypto-themed forum, where there are active discussions, learn to natively insert a link to our site in a comment, write expert advice. If you just post a link with a banal general phrase like "I tried this, it worked for me, try it too!", no one will believe you; the answer will be a ton of condescending-edgy comments.

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