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⚓Black's Protection - Description

A feature that works for full protection when Keitaro is enabled.

To use or understand the feature, one must understand what Keitaro is and how cloaking works. This is a feature exclusively for Keitaro. To prevent theft, the ability to enter by direct link has been removed.

Often, when people find your preloading, they look at the address written in the tag (that's how Keitaro tracker works), and then download the preland from that address.

It is unclear why some users may have WebScrapBook installed on only one browser or prefer to download everything with WGet. However, there are various possibilities. When accessing an address directly, we bypass all Keitaro filtering mechanisms, eliminating the need for proxies and concerns about device type. To prevent direct addresses from reaching your preland, simply add a check.

Keitaro has several internal objects that are accessible on any PHP page. One of these objects is $rawClick, which contains all the information about the click. Therefore, we only need to check if this object is available. If it is not, then it is a direct access and we cannot proceed.

If a person does not go to the direct link of Black page, there may be no opportunity to report it. This is because no bot or manual report will be able to detect it. The error message displayed when accessing the direct link of black can be modified, but it is important to maintain the original meaning of the text.

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